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TB782B Angle Secondary
7" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TBD753B Angle Secondary
7" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TBDB763B Angle Secondary
7" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TBDG773B Front Secondary
7" Capacitive
Dual Core Tablet
TB892B Angle Secondary
8" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TBDB863B Angle Secondary
8" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TB1082B Angle Secondary
10" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TBD1083B Angle Secondary
10" Capacitive
Multi-touch Tablet
TBDC1093B Angle Secondary
10" Capacitive
Dual Core Tablet
TBQC1063B Angle Secondary
10" Capacitive
Quad Core Tablet
TB1082B Primary
Streaming Media Box
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Tap and hold on the home screen until "Choose Wallpaper from" box appears. Select wallpapers from Gallery images, live wallpapers, and Wallpapers. Additional Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers can be downloaded from the App store.
Please back up your date to retain your WIFI passwords, Settings, and Contact information.
  1. From the settings menu scroll down to the Backup & Reset tab
  2. Select Backup my data if you wish to retain WIFI passwords, Settings, and Contact information.
  3. Tap on Factory Data rest to restore
  1. From the setting menu tap on the Wi-Fi switch
  2. Tap on the menu key Menu Key, in the top right hand corner
  3. Tap on the Advanced Key
  4. Tablet address will appear
  • Press the Up arrow on the keyboard to shift capitalization and activate secondary "Greyed" keys.
  • Pressing and holding key will also access addition text options as well as Emoticons
Copy your ePub files into the SD card (in the eBooks/import folder). Make sure your ePub file ends with .epub extension.
  1. Connect the tablet to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. Tap the status bar of your tablet and then tap on USB connected.
  3. Tap "Turn on USB storage"
    Faq Screenshot
  4. A new removable storage device will be available in your computer drives, select the new drive
  5. Find the eBooks folder and open it.
  6. Copy your ePub file into the eBooks folder; make sure your file(s) end(s) with .epub extension.
  7. "Turn off USB storage".
  8. Go to Aldiko App
  9. Select the Home tab, and select files
  10. Locate the eBooks tab and select it
  11. Once the eBooks tab is open, tap to select the e.pub file(s)
  12. Tap "Import" to Aldiko
    The imported books will be available on the bookshelf. To view your imported books, just simply go to bookshelf and tap on the title.
To Delete imported books simply tap and hold on the title until the delete icon appears. Tap "Delete" to remove.
This Android tablet does not require drives as the software is self-contained. When connecting to your home computer, make sure your operating system’s USB drivers are the most current and up to date. Use the drag and drop method to export and import files.
You cannot print directly from the tablet using the standard software that comes preinstalled on the tablet. You would need to download a separate application from the Android market to be able to print
Audio: MP3, WMA (non-DRM), WAV
Bluetooth protocols are native in the Android 4.0 OS; however these models do not come equipped with the necessary Bluetooth circuitry.
Hold finger on the application you wish to delete and drag it to the uninstall trash can.
  1. Tap on Security
  2. Tap on Screen Lock
  3. Choose one of the following
    • None- No lock screen
    • Slide- Slide your finger to Unlock
    • Pattern – Use an individual designed pattern to lock
    • Pin- Enter a numeric pin to lock tablet
    • Password – Use alphanumeric to secure tablet
If you have set the screen lock to a password or pin code, and have forgotten the code; you will need to reset you tablet to factory default setting.
  1. Make sure your tablet has a full charge
  2. Press and hold the Volume – button and tap the Reset button
    (The reset button is located between the HDMI and USB ports)
  3. Continue holding the Volume – button until the boot screen appears
  4. Release the Volume – button
  5. Use the volume controls to navigate to "Wipe data/Factory reset"
  6. Press the power button to select
  7. Navigate to "Delete all user date"
  8. Press the power button to select
Your table will take several minutes to reboot to a factory default setting.
  1. From settings choose Date & Time
  2. If available set the "Automatic Time Zone" to off.
  3. Adjust the tablet to your current time zone under "Select Time zone"
  4. If you are connected to Wi-Fi the time will sync automatically, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi turn off "Automatic data & time" and adjust time manually
This may occur if you have too many applications running in the background as there is a finite amount of memory resources available. Please press the App Button button to display applications running in the background; then swipe each application not currently needed to close it.
If this does not resolve the issue power off the tablet and then on again, this will reboot the tablet and resolve.
The TAB803B can connect to the internet via the Ethernet port on the back of the device or to wireless B/G/N routers.
Please confirm that you have entered in the correct password. If you are still having trouble connecting to your wireless router you may have to adjust your security settings or renew and refresh DHCP. Consult your systems administrator or an IT professional.
Try this to resolve this issue.
  • Make sure there are not any application running or downloading in the background. Close any application you are not currently using.
Select the Settings Icon > Scroll down and select Apps > Select Running > Select an App running and select STOP to close it.
  • Connect directly to your router using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to improve speed.
The media box comes with several App stores for you to obtain applications from. You must create an online account first before you can download content. Amazon will require you to create an account using an internet browser first.
The TAB803B uses RF frequencies like a wireless mouse and is unlike a typical remote control. Because the remote used this technology no inferred codes are emitted from this remote.
Pictures: JPEG, BMP, PNG
Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV
The TAB803B comes with 4GB of storage standard. The open SD card slot in the front and the USB port in the rear will each allow for up to 32GB of storage. That allows for a maximum of 64 GB of storage in addition to the stock capacity.
No. The USB ports will only support a max memory capacity of 32GB
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To download apps, use the pre-loaded App Stores on your tablet or follow the links below

Amazon App Store
Soc.io App Mall
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